President Obama to speak at UC Irvine commencement celebration →

Fifty years after President Johnson dedicated the land that would become UC Irvine, another commander-in-chief will step foot in Anteater territory…

If POTUS is looking for any tips, I gave a pretty dope commencement speech in 2011… :)


Obviously, Superman lives in Los Angeles. 

This is the coolest thing ever.



This movie.



Interviwer: Tell us something that nobody else would know about you. Something embarrassing.
Adam Young: When I was about four or five years old, I was at church, and they were having all the four and five year olds file up on stage and they gave the microphone..I forget what was being asked, to, I think each toddler had been given a verse, a very short verse, to memorize and recite to the congregation. And when my turn came up, directly before I’d gone up there I was sitting with my parents, and my mom had her wedding ring on, and I think she went to grab my hand or kind of help me get out into the aisle, and her wedding ring actually kind of nicked my hand and I remember having a little, like a tiny little nick on my knuckle or whatever it was and..she felt really bad, by the way, and when my turn came up to recite this verse, they gave me the mic, and I don’t remember doing this, but my mom, well, the story gets told over and over at every family thing, instead of reciting my verse, I said, “MY MOM CUT ME!” really loud and everyone..looked at me, and it was a really awful moment, and my mom like died, and anyway..that’s an embarrassing thing. I don’t remember it, but, you know. They never let me forget.

Hey, I did this interview! (Question comes at 9:28.)

(To clarify, I didn’t specifically ask for an embarrassing story—just something “original and unique” that not everyone could Google and find! And now you can Google and find this, so that’s crazy and cool.)


(Nov. 2011 at NPR headquarters in Washington, D.C.) 




This is what American Indians really look like

 ”Where’s your horse? Would you bless me? I’ve always wanted to be blessed by an Indian.”

These are the types of questions photographer Matika Wilbur, a member of the Swinomish and Tulalip tribes, has encountered when meeting non-Native people. Such experiences have largely prompted her latest endeavor, Project 562. Wilbur, whose name means “messenger,” wants to use her photography to deliver a powerful message about what it means to be Indian.

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