Jimmy took an audience member’s suggestion to install 'Big Mouth Lance Bass' and the results are priceless! 

Sister Rosemary: If you cannot be sad because it is happening in Africa, which is part of the humanity, I would feel like jabbing you.
Stephen: Really? You, a nun, would punch me? 
Sister Rosemary: Oh, yeah! Wow, I would! I would jab you.
Stephen: Am I allowed to punch you back? 
Sister Rosemary: No.
Stephen: No? How is that fair?
Sister Rosemary: Because I’m going to punch you and I will win.

Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe is awesome.


Take a look at ABC’s newest comedy #FreshOffTheBoat, about a family just trying to fit in… 

So. Excited.

"They put me in a room full of men and they put one woman in there to hold my hand ‘in case I cried.’"

one sexual assault survivor’s words to me about the police officers she spoke to after reporting the assault

"I think my mom is manic, but Chinese people don’t believe in psychologists. We just drink more tea when things go bad. Sometimes I agree; I think we’re all overdiagnosed. Maybe that’s just how we are, and people should leave us alone. My mom was entertaining! If you met my family, you’d prescribe Xanax for all of them, but then what? We’d be boring."

Fresh Off the Boat by Eddie Huang


Samantha Pearson - “Dead Men Can’t Catcall" - 2014 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational



BFFs Seth and Mindy Kaling team up tonight on Late Night!


BFFs Seth and Mindy Kaling team up tonight on Late Night!

"I don’t look “normal.” I have flaws. I feel self-conscious more often than I know I should. But so do so many others—and we’re all still living, breathing human beings who matter. I don’t think I’m alone in seeking the diversity in beauty I never found as a child. As this new, changing face of Asian America is emerging and breaking the stereotypes that have defined us for so long, it is significant to recognize that I can pick up a pen and redefine how “beautiful” is seen—no matter how much hair I have (or don’t have) on my head."

"Faces of Asian American: Being Bald and Bold"

I’m honored to help Jenn Fang kick off her “Faces of Asian America” blog series! Hope you’ll check it out!