Reverse Job Listing: Traci Lee

After 8 years in professional newsrooms – where I’ve assigned, edited, and reported stories while creating a long-term editorial calendar targeting various events and projects throughout the year (from Olympics coverage to live-blogging award shows) – I’m turning my eye toward more creative responsibilities and seeking freelance opportunities.

In a nutshell: I can write, produce videos, podcast, and project manage. I have diverse experiences in communications and digital media, so please get in touch and I can share more information about my work!

I’m a storyteller, whether it’s writing the narrative or helping others find what the story is. My background in journalism gives me a strong skill-set that is useful in all environments: I can write well (and explain a variety of concepts to general audiences), I know how to research and fact check, and I understand the importance of deadlines. 

I’m extremely organized. I can balance long-term and short-term projects simultaneously, while thinking ahead to challenges or road blocks that may hinder progress or success.

I can pick up new programs and platforms quickly. I’m always seeking opportunities to build new skills.

I am a team player. I thrive in environments where collaboration is essential, and know that no one person succeeds in a vacuum.


  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator)

  • FinalCut Pro and Premiere

  • Audacity

  • Social media creation, management, curation, growth (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube)

  • Web production/CMS

  • Analytics (Google Analytics, Chartbeat,

  • G Suite (Google Drive, Docs, Calendar, etc.) and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.)

(View my LinkedIn)


  • WHO: A passionate, kind, and forward-thinking team.

  • WHAT: I’m looking to create content, whether that is writing, producing, or crafting digital strategies.

  • WHERE: I’m currently based in Los Angeles.

  • WHEN: I am currently freelancing and available to meet!

Do you have leads on freelance opportunities? Do you have any questions about my experience? Please reach out to me: traci.g.lee [at] gmail!

The contact information for the following references are available upon request.

  • Sandra Lilley - Editorial Manager, NBC News Digital

  • Ryan Williams - Director of Multicultural Initiatives, NBC News

  • Cathy Finkler - Supervising Producer of Planning & Strategy Distribution, NBC News

  • Sahra V. Nguyen - freelance director/producer

  • Chris Fuchs - freelance reporter

  • Chandelis Duster - freelance reporter