Traci has worked in national newsrooms and freelanced since 2011, covering breaking news, reporting features, and writing personal essays. She’s covered everything from oil spills to state politics and has conducted a range of interviews, from celebrities to politicians.

Here is a sampling of her work:

Personal Writing

  • How I Coped With Losing All My Hair (The Cut)

    • “I may not have won the battle against my immune system, but for the first time since I began losing my hair, I know I’m winning a more important fight.”

  • Here’s What Happened When My Mom Hid Her Cancer Diagnosis From Her Family (Bustle)

    • “In that moment, I heard the depths of how terrified she was, despite how upbeat she had been at the start. I realized that maybe not telling our family about the cancer wasn’t just her way of trying not to ‘burden’ them. Maybe it was a way for her to protect herself. If she didn’t have to tell our family, then maybe it wouldn’t be ‘real.’”

  • How I've Learned That Being a Bisexual Chinese American Woman Doesn't Make Me "Leftover" (Teen Vogue)

    • “The excuses I’ve heard given on my behalf range from, “She’s focusing on her career,” to “Her boyfriend is out of town.” It all comes from a well-meaning place, I think, but it’s still painful. At 30, just as I started to feel like a new chapter was beginning in my life, the shame others associate with my unmarried status felt like the only thing my family could see. With every Chinese New Year lunch and holiday gathering that passed, I felt the concern around me grow that my life had yet to truly begin because the chair next to me wasn’t occupied by my future husband.”

  • There’s No ‘Right’ Way to Pursue the American Dream (Angry Asian Man)

    • “Deep down, I knew she believed that being undocumented didn't mean hard work wasn't also part of the package, but somehow the rhetoric shouted from television screens and debate stages made her think twice about what the word really meant.”

  • Lady Bird helped me fall in love with my hometown again (personal blog)

    • “There's something magical about the way the sun meets the water at the end of a Sacramento summer day. It looks idyllic, yet it wasn't like it signaled anything special. It's just how the rivers look as the sun sets, and that's the thing about Sacramento: at the end of the day, it's quite a plain place to have grown up.”


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